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Blockchain Benefits
Blockchain is one of the most disruptive technology in the past decade. It has been widely discussed in financial industry as a game-changer technology that could turn the industry upside down.

Even though it was well known for as a foundation of famous cryptocurrency “Bitcoin”, many organizations believes that there are more potential of blockchain more than just simple transfer of assets e.g. money transfer. Blockchain can be used to transfer more complex transactions that include not only amount but also programmable logic that could turn in a non-actionable contractual agreement into an automated contract or “Smart Contract”.

Nonetheless Blockchain adoption in Thailand still in its infancy state, KBTG believe in the potential of this technology the same way as internet has disrupted the digital world. Therefore, in order to expedite the adoption of Blockchain, KBTG has set up a research and development team focusing on the technology, especially in the financial applications such as international remittent , e-KYC, identity repositories and digitization of financial documents.