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IoT Technology enables the Living Room Banking
By Phanom Slisatkorn, Senior Visionary Architect - KBTG

In the 1994, Bill Gates said that 'banking is necessary, banks are not'. Disruptive technology, such as mobile and IoT technology, allows customers to perform financial operations without coming to the physical branch. The trend is clearly headed towardsan increase in mobile banking usage while reducing the need for bank branches

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KBTG, as a technology company, utilize key disruptive technologies to transform customer banking experience into the future of living room banking

Non Face-to-Face Account Opening:
As part of the E-KYC process, Customer can submit Prove of Identity (POI) and Prove of Address (POA) such as ID card information online, present their biometric such as fingerprint, iris or Live VDO call then using e-signature to sign the account opening application. After receiving the application, Bank verifies the documents against the authorized agency such as verify ID card information with the Department of Provincial Administration DOPA (กรมการปกครอง), check against anti-money laundering list and open account online.

Voice Banking and Payments:
In the near future, voice activated assistant will become more mainstream not only in the form of mobile phone smart assistant such as Siri, Google assistant, but also in the form of smart home ( Google Home, Amazon Echo or Samsung smart fridges), smart talking car (BMW and Nissan with Cortana or Hyundai with google home and others). The far field microphone accepts customers’ voice in any direction, sent to speech to text engine then process conversation using artificial intelligent chat engine. Intend will be extracted and invoke backend API services, then respond back to customer using text to speech engine. For example, a customer can talk to Google home to check his credit card balance and pay bills, order smart assistant in the car to top up their easy pass on the toll way.

Future Banking is unlimited. It is our KBTG’s jobs to deliver the ultimate digital banking experience

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