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K-MOBILE BANKING PLUS, The Banking In Your Hand.
K-Mobile Banking PLUS supported by KBTG is planning to enhance its service towards becoming a “Full Digital Banking” platform, while maintaining its leadership in the business under the “Digital Lifestyle Banking” concept. Product and service development will be carried out to serve needs of savings, investments and financial transactions in all stages of customers’ life.

Beyond basic financial functions, K-Mobile Banking PLUS continues to introduce new features and improve service efficiency such as
1. Pay PLUS
Pay PLUS was an innovative payment service. Customers can simply enter their mobile phone number to do payment and receive ready-to-use ticket or invoice instantly via K-Mobile Banking PLUS.

2. Reward PLUS
Reward PLUS was the first loyalty platform for digital banking in Thailand. It offers special privileges throughout the year for K-Mobile Banking PLUS customers.

3. Cross Border Solutin
K-Mobile Banking PLUS to WING (Cambodia’s most extensive mobile payment service provider) provides real-time cross currency money transfer from Thailand to recipients with a WING account in Cambodia via K-Mobile Banking PLUS. This service has reinforced KBank’s strategy of becoming the leading bank in ASEAN.

Security is a high priority to consider when designing our application. Triple-lock security systems requires 3-step verification. In addition, if users use K-Mobile Banking PLUS in an unsecured environment such as WiFi, the system will allow users to make only transactions with pre-registered bank accounts and payment records.

To maintain No.1 position on digital banking in ASEAN, KBank and KBTG continuously improve and lean our project management by utilizing Agile methodology and SCRUM meetig to expedite the project at full speed. Our team challenges ourselves to continue introducing new features and service efficiency improvement on a monthly basis in order to shorten processing time to market, yet stil keep world-class quality assurance standard.