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Leverage Customer Experience by Utilizing Data Analytics
By Tul Roteseree, Senior Enterprise Architect - KBTG

Things like “predictive analytics” or “sentiment analysis” or “natural language processing” are obviously important because they help us understand our customers better, information we can leverage to improve customer experience. However, you don’t always need to be a data scientist in order to add values to the organization and improve customer experience. That objective can be achieved through something much more vanilla, something most developers can already do without having to learn any new skills, only converting raw data into simple information services.

Using several pieces of open source technology, we’ve created a platform that generates electronic documents (e.g., statements, receipts, etc.) for customers. These documents can be requested via self-service channels such as Mobile banking, or via customer service channels such as call center and branches.

From the customers’ perspective, this capability gives them the convenience of requesting and receiving electronic documents anytime anywhere. This replaces the traditional way of having to come into the branch to fill out a form, and come back in a few days to receive the requested documents.

From the technology perspective, although it’s not exactly rocket science, yet it’s inexpensive and effective, which is a rare combination in the IT world these days. We identified the functionalities required, identified the components needed to serve each functionality, selected open source technology for each component, and carefully tested the combination. We selected the combination and implemented it in a matter of weeks. This is an excellent example of a simple idea that improves customer experience without having to spend an exorbitant amount of budget or human resources to achieve it. Remember, it also saves the trees…

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