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Leading the Way Through Intelligence Technology
Cognitive computing is the future of customer engagement - an immersive, seamless and personalized experience that maximizes customer satisfactions and ultimately brand royalty. As a bank that positions ourself to be the best retail bank in the digital-banking era, ability to reach out to our customers at the right moments with the most appropriate offers is crucial to our success in becoming the main digital bank and life companion for our customers.

At the heart of cognitive computing lies capabilities that allow us to sense and learn about our customers and able to engage them in personalized and precise manners as never before. Those capabilities are powered by machine learning. We employ machine learning techniques in all areas of our customer engagement framework – starting from perceiving everything there is to know about our customers, to truly understanding their individual needs and preferences, to predicting what their next demands will likely to be, to offering products,services and assistance when and where the customers are likely to want them the most.

KBTG Machine Learning Team, a team of multi-disciplinary Visionary Architects, focuses on machine intelligence research, development and adoption. We create values through intelligence technologies. We look far into the future to ensure KBANK will always be the “go to” digital financial services for our customers as well as staying steps ahead of other players at the present to make certain that the bank is always equipped with cutting-edge and state-of-the-art toolkits for maximum competitiveness.

As a research and development entity, partnerships and contributions to the body of knowledge are also at the top of our priorities. We work closely with Thailand’s best research and academic institutes to motivate and sponsor research projectsand co-publish research papers in variety of machine intelligence areas. KBTG Machine Learning Academic Partnerships Program (MAPS) is created to raise awareness and encourage teaching and studies in the fields. It is also to ensure that the country’s will have best-trained and experienced resources required to be among world’s leading countries in Cognitive Economy. Each year, we organize a two-month intensive apprentice program, called MAPS Bootcamp, where a group of university students is auditioned and invited towork as parts of our team topractice the art and science of machine intelligence with us. The bootcamp is designed to provide an opportunity for the students toexperience working with the challenges of real business cases, under the pressure of real project environment and with the complexity of real data. We believe in people and we love working with the best of them. We continue to hire enthusiasts and top talents at all graduate and post graduate levels from the following academic backgrounds – Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Statistics, Mathematics, Linguistic and UX/UI Design.