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K-Mobile Banking: The Ubiquitous Mobile to Create Relationship
Excerpt from seminar, Intania Leadership Network 2017: FinTech & Blockchain - How Machine Serves the Future of Banking

From the wave of Digital Disruption which will displaces an existing market, industry, or technology and produces something new and more efficient and worthwhile, It is once destructive and creative.

The wave start to begin with Music industry, Photography, VDO Rental since 1995 and crawling to Print Media, TV, Travel Industry etc. in 2010 onward. And today, it is Finance & Banking industry turn.

Though, technology alone could not possess the industry because they need to have customer base while they need to have trustworthiness. Those financial institutes have to build new technology capability. Existing proprietary technologies alone could not make them survive any longer. They have to build open platform which allow others in the ecosystem to connect via Open API (Application Programming Interface) along with create new business model. Some giant banks, even though, have to replace their traditional branches model with total mobile banking system.

In reality, Bank could expand their network to over thousands branches. However, thanks to the ubiquitous of smart phone and other mobile devices, the speed of mobile users’ expansion are hundred times greater than that. In Thailand, in year 2015 numbers of mobile subscribers were more than 80 million, while number of smart phone sold reached to 22 million sets. More importantly, daily time consumption on mobile was average at 4.2 hours. Imagine, how the world would change, if we could have millions of branches just overnight.

The mobile banking branches which are not only mobile application but also the platform for the ecosystem to generate benefit from the high traffic and create customer experience & relationship 24 hours a day, every day. From wake up to sleep, how life will be, automatically call taxi to the destination place as planned schedule, make appointment with doctors while there are doctors profile pops up for selection, reserve restaurant with promotion, pay for anything.

There are other possibilities with powered by machine learning. Learn to understand user behavior, preference and make personalized offering such as Valentine’s Day bouquet offering via mobile banking. K-Mobile Banking PLUS, not just Mobile Application Technology but a channel to provide relevant information, offers and services to Create Relationship, Happy Customer Experience, Be with Customers Anytime – Anywhere, and beyond .

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