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KPAY Pay Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime
KBTG prepaid and payment Solution to create cashless society

KPay is a project that is being developed in KBTG with an aim to lead the movement to create Thailand’s cashless society - an environment in which digital money is used for transfer and payment instead of physical cash.

Moving to digital money will improve convenience in payment. Once physical cash is converted to digital cash, payment for service, product or even money transfer is done with a simple tab in mobile phone.

Payment information can also be saved, allowing useful information and report to be created automatically. Moreover, digital wallet can be recovered after it is loss.

KPay implement as prepaid mobile application for both customer-side and merchant- side. A quick download of an application allows a customer to open a prepaid account. Finding and payment to merchant is done wirelessly via bluetooth and ultrasonic. Notification is sent to both customer and merchant to ensure that payment succeed.

KPay is built to support large amount of customer by utilizing open source platform. This is to reduce the cost to expand the system. It also utilizes the same database technology that is used in core banking application to guarantee system scalability.

KPay is also built with flexibility in mind. We aim to open the KPay API for partners that have creative ideas for payment, or partners that already have an existing product that can be enhanced with payment function.

A prototype of KPay is currently in used at KBTG cafeteria and in Kasikornbank headquarter at Ratburana