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Partnering with KASIKRONBANK to Create Innovative Financial Product via API
In order to accelerate a creation of new financial products, bank understands the need to partner with partner companies with skills and passions for innovation.

KBTG, as part of KASIKORNBANK, has prepared infrastructure that will allow partner companies to connect with bank information and functions to create new products and services to our customer.

Open API infrastructure is the new infrastructure that we have created to manage connections between our internal system and our partners. The infrastructure allow us to control many aspect of the connection such as which partner can access which bank function and how many time a partner can access to the function within a limited time. This is to ensure that KASIKORNBANK can connect with our partner while still be in control of connection to our internal system.

Although creating an innovative products with our partner is the key objective in Open API infrastructure, security and privacy is still our top priority. To this end, we adopt and extend an international standard for client authentication protocol in order to ensure that we will expose customer information only after consent from our customer.

KASIKORNBANK is now ready to discuss with our future partner to create a new and creative product that will improve our and our partner customer experience.