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World-class UX/UI Design
User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) design have become the essential aspects of successful software design and development. With the rapidly evolving form factors of modern-day computing platforms, ensuring application software usability and consistently positive user experience across all platforms and form formats becomes increasingly crucial and challenging for any business that engages customers digitally.

  As a leading technology company that focuses on customer satisfactions, KBTG employs world-class UX/UI design techniques and best practices across our software portfolio to ensure best user experience on all of our products. At KBTG, user experience goes beyond Human Computer Interaction (HCI). Our UX/UI design encompasses total aspects of user interaction and experience on any hardware or software platforms from desktop computers to mobile phones to wearable devices to IoT. The design considerations include aesthetics, ergonomics, smoothness, slippiness, stickiness and responsiveness just to name a few.

  We believe that having a product with good features is no longer sufficient. Only a well-designed and well-polishe dproduct that can maximize positive customer experience is the ultimate key to earning customer trust and loyalty.